the stillery’s first


The Stillery’s First is our first Organic Dutch dinklewheat vodka. Dinklewheat is a funny word for spelt, a type of wheat which dates back to ancient times. Unlike other vodkas The Stillery’s First has a rich malty flavour full of aroma with notes of marzipan & white chocolate.

We’ve had bartenders tell us it is extremely clean, with a pleasant, long, wheaty sweetness on the tongue. The best way to taste this sipping vodka is as it is. This unique taste profile comes from the dinklewheat.





The Stillery’s First is a Dutch vodka which means it was crafted a few meters below sea-level. In the Netherlands our first line of defence against the rising sea-level are the dunes. We use those same dunes to purify our water. At The Stillery we use this “dune water” to craft our spirits because we believe it is Europe’s finest water and has the softest mouthfeel.


Due to its malty flavors The Stillery’s First really holds its own in a broad selection cocktails especially Martini inspired drinks.


The characteristic dinklewheat taste is best enhanced in bitter and subtle sweet or boozy cocktails to which we will dedicate a whole page on this site in the near future.