"from draft to craft"


One rainy autumn afternoon in 2009, a young student called Pascal landed on his couch, wondering why he was more hung-over than usual. He soon found out that “purer” spirits cause less hangovers. And that it was highly illegal to distill your own…

…next thing he knew he was secretly distilling his first spirit in the bathtub of his student home. This is how The Stillery was conceived, in mischievous silence.
While Pascal’s roommates were busy pursuing corporate careers, he used his knowledge of Biochemistry to build three pot stills, each one bigger than the last. Tirelessly, he studied the books to get to the bottom of the biochemical processes happening in his bathtub, slowly perfecting his craft of liquor making.

When he reunited with his old mate Robin a few years later, they were both out of a steady job. Pascal produced his unlabelled bottle of vodka, Robin was instantly convinced of its potential and Daan joined shortly after. They made an alliance, raised their glasses and said cheers to the future.
And the rest, as they say, is artistry.





the team


With a background in molecular biology and neural science, The Stillery’s master distiller Pascal is ready to rock the world stage in terms of craft distilling. Over the past decade Pascal has build and designed several stills. His experiments have yielded some amazing spirits and his curiosity has no bounds. His fast knowledge of fermentation and distillation make him The Stillery´s greatest asset.

Robin did his first fermentation experiments at age 8. At age 14 he became a graphic designer and at 18 he studied Aerospace engineering. Robin got his engineering degree from the faculty of Design engineering in 2012 and became a mechanics professor at Delft’s famed University of Technology. When he was reunited with his old pall Pascal however, plans were made and The Stillery saw the light of day.

In January 2016 Pascal and Robin were looking for a little help scouting out investors when Daan was introduced by a mutual friend. Daan started his working life as an entrepreneur at 23 when he started a telecom consultancy. Over the years Daan’s company turned into a business employing over 70-people at 16 locations throughout the Netherlands. Daan survived investments and mergers, he has the right mind for business development and it’s an understatement to say; “he knows how to sell”.