The Stillery's First Dinklewheat vodka

The Stillery’s First Dinklewheat vodka

The Stillery’s First Dinklewheat vodka is our first Organic spirit. Dinklewheat is a funny word for spelt, a type of wheat which dates back to ancient times. Unlike other vodkas The Stillery’s First spelt vodka has a rich malty flavor full of aroma with notes of marzipan & white chocolate.

Our vodka is made from spelt grain. This type of grain has been around since ancient times. The grain typically has a much lower starch content than most other grains. This means it has a lower yield in the fermentation and distillation process. What the grain lacks in yield it makes up for in flavor. The Spelt grain gives the vodka its wonderfully taste. It’s rich almond like roundness and buttery, almost white chocolate like mouth feel.

Our ‘grain to glass’ approach gives us a lot of control in the distillation process. Firstly the process starts with shredding the grain to a coarse flour. Secondly the grain is mixed with water and mashed to a pulp. Then the sweet slushy mash is than fed to a specially selected strain of yeast and left to ferment. It’s kept in one of The Stillery’s 2200L fermentation tanks for roughly two weeks. To conclude the process we distilled, blend and filter the spirit into our delicious vodka.

The Stillery’s First – Dinklewheat Vodka, has received 2 gold medals and a Masters title in the Spirits Business Master’s Spirit Competition. The vodka scored a gold medal in both the organic and premium categories as well as an overall European Masters distinction – the highest possible honor within the competition’s ranks.


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