from draft to craft

The Stillery's Inspiring Origin Story

One rainy autumn afternoon in 2009, a young student called Pascal landed on his couch, wondering why he was more hung-over than usual. He soon found out that “purer” spirits cause less hangovers. And that it was highly illegal to distill your own…

…next thing he knew he was secretly distilling his first spirit in the bathtub of his student home. This is how The Stillery was conceived, in mischievous silence.
While Pascal’s roommates were busy pursuing corporate careers, he used his knowledge of Biochemistry to build three pot stills, each one bigger than the last. Tirelessly, he studied the books to get to the bottom of the biochemical processes happening in his bathtub, slowly perfecting his craft of liquor making.

Today you will find him in his state of the art craft distillery in the Amsterdam harbor district. This is where new spirits run of the still in little streams. Pascal is always up for a coffee or chat about private labeling or recipe development.

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