The Stillery's most floral Gin

The Stillery’s Most Floral Gin

We make The Stillery’s most floral Gin with alcohol from a mixture of rye and wheat. Firstly we make the base spirit, secondly we re-distill the alcohol with a multitude of local flowers. In order to hold the fragile botanicals, our master distiller uses a special herb basket. This allows for the extraction of the flowery essence. The use of these botanical truly captures the taste of an endless summer.

All ingredients are always organic and locally sourced. This is why we chose a variety of flowers local to Amsterdam. The ingredients range from the root of the rhubarb and angelica to the flowers of the common daisy the purple mallow, the common poppy a bit of jasmine and our personal favorite, rose hip. It is our opinion that the only way to stand out today is to be different.

All together this is a very balanced gin which stands out among its competitors. It brings a flowery experience to any Gin Tonic moment. We recommend combining our floral gin with a well balanced neutral tonic like Fevertree Indian Tonic.This complements the gin’s complexity and brings out the flavors of jasmine and rose hip. Garnish your GT with a thin slice of conference pear either fresh or dried in the oven.

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