Canning & Filling

Canning & Filling

Since late 2020 The Stillery is able to provide its clients with the option of canned (alcoholic) beverages such as hard-seltzer or tequila based cocktails. The Stillery focuses on starting brand and offers small initial quantities. You can choose to have the cans labeled or have a high quality shrink vinyl applied. The Stillery can handle the following can volumes:

  • 150ml cans
  • 250ml cans

We can offer still as well as carbonated beverages. Non-Alcoholic drinks are also no problem for us.

The filled cans can be packed into customized printed boxes of 12 or 24 cans (Fefco 201). We can either pasteurize the cans after filling or use preservatives to increase the shelve life. All products are always given a production date stamp which reads the best before date.

Soft drinks and sodas

Besides filling alcoholic beverages in cans, we also offer custom solutions for filling soft drinks and sodas. Whether you prefer kegs, PET bottles, or glass bottles, we have the expertise and facilities to meet your needs. With our flexible production lines and high-quality equipment, we can accurately and efficiently fill your soft drinks and sodas while preserving the taste, carbonation, and quality of your product.

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