Robin & Pascal posing on their 400L Müller potstill


in the beginning

One rainy autumn afternoon in 2009, a young student named Pascal, landed on his couch. He was wondering why he was more hung-over than usual. He soon found out that “purer” spirits cause less hangovers. And that it was highly illegal to distil your own... thing he knew he was secretly distilling his first spirit in the bathtub of his student home. This is how The Stillery was conceived, in mischievous silence. While Pascal’s roommates were busy pursuing corporate careers, he used his knowledge of Biochemistry to build three pot stills, each one bigger than the last. They are no longer in use, but we still have these artifacts.

Tirelessly, he studied the books to get to the bottom of the biochemical processes happening in his bathtub, slowly perfecting his craft of liquor making. When he reunited with his old mate Robin a few years later, they were both looking for adventure. Pascal produced his unlabelled bottle of vodka, Robin was instantly convinced of its potential.


Read More About The Stillery's First Spelt Grain Vodka

the stillery's first

In September 2015 our vodka saw the light of day. Made from spelt grain and packed with flavour, this vodka would change things forever. Click the bottle to find out more.



Read More About The Stillery's Ouwe Barrel Aged Genever

the stillery's ouwe

In May 2018 we launched our old style genever.
A hoppy & poppy genever to pair with craft beers. Click the bottle to find out more!


Our own distillery

Starting out with an empty industrial warehouse some 500m2 in surface area, which came with a 6-meter high ceiling. It looked like a scene from “Children of Men” or any other film in the post-apocalyptic genre. 1100m2 of wall and ceiling had to be painted at least 3 times.

Next to fixing up the place and make it ready for our production setup. We also installed all of the equipment, the mash ton, the automated label station, the recipe development lab, the 6-tank fermentation battery, and its cooling systems and on top of that, we build a 2-story office with bathrooms and a kitchen.

A 400L potstill on which The Stillery makes it's gin genever and vodka.
Read More About The Stillery's Most Floral Gin

the stillery's most floral gin

In 2019 we launched our gin, just in time for the grand opening. It's a very floral treat. Made with local botanicals. Organic and packed with flavor.


The covid days of 2020

As with many emerging pandemics, Covid-19 really took us by surprise. Luckily we had all the tools and equipment to make a difference.  The Stillery disinfected 3.000.000 hands during the first lockdown with our hand sanitizers.

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a masters TITLE

In the same year, The Stillery won multiple awards in the Spirit Business competition. Including a Master title..


Read More About The Stillery's Virgin 0.0%

the stillery's virgin

We launched our first no-abv spirit in dry January 2021. It's a juniper-based gin replacement. the ideal 0.0% spirit to drink when you're not drinking.


Read More About The Stillery's Most Floral Gin

the stillery's dutch north sea gin

Inspired by the Dutch North Sea coastline, we made a gin made with botanicals like wild thyme, sea buckthorne, bramble leaves, rosehip, and two kinds of seaweed.