Premix Drinks and Cocktail kegs

Premix Drinks and Cocktail kegs

The Stillery offers ready-made premix cocktails and other beverage solutions in KeyKegs PolyKegs and Doliums. We offer The Stillery products and custom-made recipes depending on your wishes. These kegs easily connect to many existing draft systems. Ideal for events festivals or brand activations, these kegs have a minimum order quantity which we will further discuss with you. We can practically make any cocktail and put it in a keg but to give some examples:

  • Gin Tonic on keg
  • Pornstar Martini on keg
  • Espresso Martini on keg
  • Hard Seltzer on keg
  • Caipirinha on keg
  • Pina Colada on keg
  • Moscow or Mokum Mule on keg
  • Sangria on keg
  • Basil Smash on keg
  • Daiquiri on keg
  • Mojito on keg
  • Sodas and soft drinks on keg
  • Energy drinks on keg
  • Your cocktail recipe in a keg!

Keykegs, PolyKegs and Doliums (Bag-in-Box Kegs)

If you're unfamiliar with KeyKegs, PolyKegs and Doliums these are recyclable plastic kegs that allow distilleries and other craft beverage producers a relatively easy method of kegging their beverages and cocktails hygienically and without the need to invest in expensive kegs and even more expensive cleaning/filling equipment. The unique combination of the option of compressed air as a propellant instead of CO2, the ease of use, and the convenient size make KeyKegs, PolyKegs, and Doliums the ideal kegs for your brand activation event. The Stillery has made premixed cocktails for a wide variety of clients in the festival and events industry.

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