Craft Spirit Distillation

Craft Spirit Distillation

The Stillery's 400L Müller potstill is able to to extract the most diverse aroma profile and a particularly differentiated spectrum of flavours in a gentle way. Our Potstill was designed in Germany after the specific wishes of our master distiller Pascal Peeters. With our choice for a Müller Potstill we have chosen for the world’s most advanced column technology. It is the heart of the Müller Pot Still and as part of the system it offers the most efficient and most flavour enhancing distillation method in combination with Müller's well-known aroma hat.

Full Flavor Aromat

With a particularly efficient as well as gentle method, the Aromat is a precisely adjustable column which allows the extraction of a wide range aroma profile in a previously undiscovered and incomparable gentle way. Its secret is a patented spiral technology which is built in to the column, instead of plates or sieve trays. The alcohol vapour rises to the top towards the cold dephlegmator. The higher seething portion of the vapour flow condenses and flows downwards throughout the channel. A continuous substance exchange between the upwards rising hot alcohol vapour and the downward flowing stream takes place. Through this process, lighter-boiling flavorful alcohol evaporate and heavy-boiling components such as fusel oils and water are continuously discharged.

Other techniques

Next to the Müller Potstill The Stillery uses several other techniques to distill and purify spirits. Over the years Our Master distiller Pascal has developed several techniques to also distill alcohol free spirits in an efficient way. Some of the products The Stillery is equiped to produce are:

  • Fruit Brandies
  • Spirits
  • Gin and herbal spirits
  • Whisky
  • Rum
  • Grappa
  • Liqueurs
  • Alcohol free beverages
  • Distilled water essences
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