the process

Grain to Glass

We use real organic grain to create our spirits. This is called the grain-to-glas approach. By selecting our suppliers carefully we have extra control over the end result. This way we have short supply lines and it embraces the artisanal craft production of the past. This way we know our products are what we claim them to be.

Organic Spirits

We are SKAL certified. Organic farming improves the quality of the soil. Soil has its own microbiome and persistent use of pesticides is like long-term use of antibiotics. Not good! The Stillery’s products are organic to increase the biodiversity, improve working conditions for workers, and because we don’t want you, anywhere near pesticides.

Local Ingredients

The grain we use to make our spirits is harvested close to home. Our grain grows just on the border with Germany. Whenever we can we use botanicals native to The Netherlands. Our gin is a good example of this. Because we buy close to home we support local producers and we minimize our carbon footprint.

Carbon Neutral

The Stillery is the only carbon-neutral craft distillery in The Netherlands. The Stillery is part of the Trees for the Future collective. Every year ten billion tons of CO2 are released into the atmosphere. This has disastrous consequences. Trees recapture the carbon released during the production of packaging materials and transportation.

Clean energy

Our spirits are produced in a state-of-the-art craft facility in the Amsterdam harbour district. Our distillery is electrically powered by renewable energy from De Groene Stroomfabriek. This is power harvested from renewable sources within The Netherlands. Excess energy is recaptured.

Dune Water

If you know a little about vodka you know 60% of it is just plain water. The search for the best water has pushed spirit brands to exploit natural water resources like springs and mountain lakes. Holland has dunes where the PWN filters water through a natural filtering process involving the fine dune sand.