First introduced in late 2021 the “Espresso Martini in a Jar” is a co-creation of The Stillery Amsterdam and our neighboring coffee compadres at Moyee Coffee. As you may have noticed, the popularity of the Espresso Martini has skyrocketed in the past few years to a point that one in every 3 pictures on popular dating platforms like Tinder has at least one of them in it (fake news). This was reason enough for the two companies to join forces.

The Stillery now expands on the concept with two new concoctions, the immensely popular Pornstar Martini and the lesser-known but equally elegant Basil Smash. Our Pornstar Martini is a drink made with real bourbon vanilla, The Stillery’s organic spelt vodka, and fresh passion fruit puree. While the Basil smash is basically a gin sour with the addition of hand-picked basil leaves and is made with The Stillery’s Most Floral Gin. Add the cube of ice, shake and you’re good to go.

These handily packed explosions of flavor are no jarring feat. The ease with which you will bring magic to the mix will astonish any onlooker, as you demonstrate its gimmicky nature. Imagine you’re hosting a social event. There are drinks, there are people. You brought “The Stillery’s Cocktail Jars” to break the ice. You hand out the boozy beverages and tell your friends this beverage only needs a cube of ice as you reveal a big ice bucket filled to the brim with supermarket ice cubes.

Your companions have made their choice. The Espresso Martini, the “pick me up” that will never let you down, the Pornstar Martini the drink that brings class to any event, and the Basil Smash for those who have seen it all. They all stare in disbelief as you, with a flair that comes naturally to you, demonstrate and educate. You then add a cube of ice to the container. You close the lid. You raise your arm and shake it, as you make eye contact in a way only Brian Flanagan (Tom Cruise, Cocktail 1988) could rival.

Their gaze now firmly locked on the fluid bouncing up and down in the glass jar, you’re holding court. Their mouths start watering and the desire to mimic your show of force grows as they start eyeing the ice bucket. Hold on, you think, as you take back the spotlight for the big reveal. Suddenly you pause all movement before you go in for the kill and open the jar only to reveal the most frothy foam ever to have been witnessed on a ready-made Vegan Espresso Martini.

The crowd cheers! They love it.

The Stillery’s Cocktail Jars contain 120mls of pure enjoyment. These ready-made cocktails only require the addition of a small ice cube. So impress your friends, family, or spouse by surprising them with a perfectly foamy Pornstar Martini, a cocktail bar-worthy Espresso Martini, or a Basil Smash like no other. So how to get your hands on these bad boys? Well, here!